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Medical Waste & Sharps Disposals

| Medical Waste

We offer disposal services, including medical waste disposal. Clearly, medical waste is especially dangerous, because infectious diseases can be spread through contact with blood and other bodily fluids. These materials are considered to be a biohazardous waste, so there are strict regulations that must be adhered to with regard to the disposal of medical waste.

Our technicians are highly trained, certified professionals who have a great deal of experience in this area. We can make sure that you are complying with the regulatory requirements by taking something off of your to-do list and properly disposing of the medical waste for you. We always take the universal precaution that medical waste could be infectious and stick to the strict guidelines that encompass the disposal of medical waste.

Rapid response can provide medical waste disposal services to medical facilities, doctors’ offices, dental offices, veterinary clinics, retail clinics, urgent care centers, long-term care facilities, tattoo and piercing professionals, and other businesses and clinics that generate medical waste. We have significant capabilities in-house, and we have a vast network of partners that we can call upon to help us handle medical waste disposal assignments of any size and scope.

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| Sharps Disposal

Proper disposal of sharps objects that include but are not limited to needles, scalpels, broken glass, capillary tubes, and the ends of dental wire helps to reduce the spread of bloodborne pathogens. If a person is stuck or cut with an infected object like those listed above, they run the risk of contracting disease’s such as HIV, hepatitis b, hepatitis C, and manyother infections.

Sharps disposal requires a standard of specific measures be taken to ensure that injury and the risk of infection are eliminated. Ppe’s (Personal protective equipment) Along with puncture-resistant containers that are leakproof on all sides and properly labeled with the biohazard symbol are required. It is important to never place needles in pop bottles, down the toilet, in boxes, or in the general trash-can as this is not the proper way of disposal.

We offer sharps disposal and cleanup. Whether you have an area on your property that is a dumping ground for sharps users, a business that uses sharps in the treatment of patients, or another situation entirely, we can help.

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