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Drug Lab Cleanup

(Motels, Hotels, Commercial Properties)

| Residential Cleanup

If you own or manage a hotel that has had one of its rooms used to manufacture drugs, or if you have a commercial property that has been used as a drug lab, call Rapid Response Industrial Group.

Our team specializes in handling Clandestine Drug Lab cleanup services for commercial buildings such at hotels and warehouses, and we exercise the utmost professional care and discretion when we are called to cleanup a fentanul lab or any other kind of drug lab or grow op that may have been present. We have seen that hotels are becoming an increasingly popular location for criminals to set up these illicit labs; this is because hotel rooms afford criminals the space to manufacture, package, distribute and then leave the area so that they maintain anonymity.

When we are called in for a clandestine lab cleanup service at a hotel or commercial property, we:

  • We work with ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES to help the entire process seamless for you.
  • Are always discrete – We understand that you don’t want to draw attention from the community or the media. That why we arrive in unmarked vehicles wearing unmarked uniforms when we arrive to perform our cleanup services.
  • Clean thoroughly – We use our own proprietary cleaning products designed specifically to remove harmful chemicals, toxic gases, and other hazardous residues often left behind in a meth or drug lab.
  • Check our work – Unlike our competitors, we have obtained an Ion Scanner that detects “trace” amounts of illicit drugs (in nanograms=1billionth of a gram) as well as the convenience of having a third-party industrial hygienist testing company to re-test the property for clearance to ensure that we have completely eliminated all harmful substances. We can then declare the area to be safe for occupation.
  • In addition to the above benefits, our team will thoroughly document the process from start to finish. We will take “before” and “after” pictures for your insurance company or personal records and issue you a complete property analysis report and certificate upon completion of remediation.

If you would like more information and details about our drug lab cleanup services, contact Rapid Response today at 1-844-774-4911. A member of team will provide you with the information you need, and they can also connect you with the technician crew in your area.

** Be sure to ask about the discounts we offer for national contracts **


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