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Environmental Spill Experts


Rapid Response Industrial Group is a member of the Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance (CERCA). This organization ensures that ER Contractors are verified to perform and operate safely and have the proper equipment and training needed to effectively respond to dangerous goods and environmental incidents.

|Environmental & Consulting Services

In the realm of environmental safety and regulatory compliance, Rapid Response Industrial Group stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise. As a distinguished member of the Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance (CERCA), our credentials affirm our readiness and aptitude in addressing all facets of dangerous goods handling and environmental incident management.

Our suite of consulting services is comprehensive, informed by industry best practices and regulatory standards:

Technical Oversight and Documentation

We provide meticulous third-party reviews, verifying the technical defensibility and cost-effectiveness of external advisories, complemented by expert plan writing for various operational protocols and emergency responses.

Training and Preparedness Exercises

Elevate your team’s competence through our wide spectrum of industry-specific training courses and immersive simulation exercises, designed to test and reinforce response strategies in a controlled environment.

Site Assessments and Environmental Compliance

Specializing in proactive site evaluations, we prepare your enterprise for stringent environmental audits, ensuring alignment with AENV, AEUB, and CCME guidelines. Our multi-phase assessments delve into potential environmental risks, helping you navigate compliance confidently.

Comprehensive Project Management

Benefit from our end-to-end project oversight, assuring precision and regulatory adherence from the initial stages right through to successful project conclusion.

Some of the Consulting Services Rapid Response Industrial Group Provides
(But is Not Limited To):

  • Third Party Reviews to ensure customers receive cost effective and sound, technically defensible information from other consultants or service providers from any situation.

  • Plan Writing such as E2, ERP, ERAP, SOP’s and SOG’s.

    Risk Assessments.

  • Training for several industry courses, both accredited and non-accredited.

  • Site Assessments in preparation for environmental audits & compliance readiness.

  • Table-top exercises and full-scale mock scenarios.

  • SCAT support.

  • Site Assessments in preparation for environmental audits & compliance readiness.

  • Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments in accordance with AENV, AEUB and CCME guidelines.

  • Project Management from start to finish for clientele with most projects of all sizes.


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