Trailers And Portable Units Gross Decon Showers

Our Services Can Support Multiple Agencies

And Companies Such As:

Railroad / Refineries / Chemical Plants / Abatement Companies / Insurance Companies / Airport Authorities / Fire Departments / EMS / Police / CBRNE / CBSA / Correctional Facilities / Public Transit / Health Care Facilities / Security / Large Public Function

Rapid Response Can Supply Decon Options For The Following:

  • Plant / Turnaround Support
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Abatement Projects
  • Demolition Projects
  • Clan + Opioid Labs / Mills
  • Full Decon Support with OSHA Compliant Equipment
  • For Gross Decontamination of People
  • Support For Public Venues
  • Clean Up Of Condemned Properties + Vehicles Do To Illegal Activity


Self contained Dirty Room, Shower Room, Clean Room with 4 showers, sink, negative air unit, heating, air conditioning, 2 x 500-gallon water tanks (grey+clean), water filtration system, on demand water heaters, glycol flushing system, propane, fuel, generator, lockers, towels, cleaners, benches and lots of storage for PPE.

Rapid Response Can Supply Qualified NFPA Technicians To Manage The Decon Process As Well As Maintain The Decon Trailer 24/7 to ensure proper decon, stocking and operation of equipment.