HAZMAT Emergency Response

IN AN EMERGENCY CALL THE 24/7 ER LINE  1.844.774.4911

RRIG provides complete Emergency Response (ER) Services to manage a broad range of hazardous incidents on both land and water, from chemical and fuel spills to tanker rollovers, train derailments and the release of toxins. As one of Canada’s leading, environmental remediation, hazmat response, consulting and training providers, RRIG has the advantage of being able to draw on its internal and external pool of skilled personnel and experienced staff.

Our expertise in the safe management of contaminated materials/sites provides RRIG’s ER Team with the capabilities required to manage a variety of incidents. RRIG is a member of the Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Association (CERCA). This organization is charged with ensuring that ER Contractors are able to perform their tasks safely and have the training and equipment required to respond to Dangerous Goods and Environmental incidents. RRIG has access to private charter flights for quick response anywhere in Canada 24/7.


Immediate response is critical to minimize risk. Within minutes, the ER Team will mobilize to contain the site, assess the damage, and develop an action plan to safely mitigate and dispose of hazardous materials. Every plan will address the potential danger to human life and health, reduce risk to the environment, and minimize loss and liability. Response can be initiated and supported from locations throughout Canada utilizing all methods of transportation such as road, rail, or air. A dedicated 24-hour ER phone line is immediately answered and calls are transferred with unbroken contact. The appropriate resources are mobilized, often arriving on scene, in the major centers, within 1 hour of the call.


RRIG is involved in diverse operations throughout Canada with staff that have been trained to respond to emergency situations. RRIG can send qualified staff from active project locations to ensure a rapid response. Alliances and strategic partnerships give RRIG the capability to meet our clients’ needs from beginning to end. Employees are trained in accredited Haz-Mat Response programs that meet NFPA standards and are ProBoard approved – this is the same accreditation/training as Public Emergency Services. All are licensed to handle/transport dangerous goods. RRIG has sufficient staff and equipment to provide and sustain an occurrence spanning days or weeks and a proven track record of supplying 100 or more personnel to an incident while having the capacity to respond to a second and third major incident and sustain normal operations.


Specialized response equipment and dedicated response teams are strategically placed throughout Canada and ready to respond. These equipment stashes are mobile fully equipped units, complete with all levels of personal protective equipment. They carry specialized containment, transfer and analytical equipment required for all classes of dangerous goods. In addition to our own forces, RRIG has contracted an extensive list of subcontracted staff, equipment and materials to ensure a timely response to all areas in Canada.