RRIG provides complete Emergency Response Services to manage a broad range of hazardous incidents on land and water from chemical and fuel spills to tanker rollovers, train derailments, pandemic outbreaks and release of toxins. As Canada’s leading provider of specialty services and turnkey options we are able to provide support for environmental remediation, hazmat response, consulting, training and waste, RRIG has formed alliances with strategic professional partners to offer the “One Stop Shop” option.

RRIG is a member of the Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Association (CERCA). This organization is charged with ensuring that ER Contractors are able to perform their tasks safely and have the training and equipment required to respond to dangerous goods and environmental incidents.

RRIG has access to private charter flights for quick response in Canada through one of its partners 24/7. An immediate response is critical, an ER Team will mobilize to contain the site, assess the damage and develop an action plan to safely mitigate the situation.

A dedicated 24-hour ER number is immediately answered and calls are transferred to a responder, the appropriate resources are mobilized, often arriving on scene, in the major centers, within 1 hour of the call.

Our folks are trained in accredited Haz-mat response programs that meet NFPA standards, the same training and accreditation as Public Emergency Services. RRIG has sufficient staff and equipment resources to support events spanning days or even weeks.

  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Spill Response
  • Contaminated Sites Clean Up Supported by Heavy Equipment and Dump Trucks
  • Waste Pick Ups, Classification, Disposal, Clan Labs and Lab Packing
  • CSE Standby and Rescue
  • Abatement such as Asbestos, Mold, Lead, Mercury
  • MVA (Roll Overs) Involving Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Products
  • Sharps (Needles) Sweeps and Collection
  • Illegal Dumps
  • Trauma Scene, Bio Clean Ups
  • Hoarder Clean Ups, Estate Clean Ups
  • Raw Product Transfers
  • Neutralization of Raw Products
  • Neutralization of contaminated Equipment
  • Pandemic Out Breaks
  • Excavation and hauling of solids
  • Soil and Water sampling APEGA Approved Professional
  • Laboratory Analytical Result Interpretation
  • Federal and Provincial Regulatory and Guideline Compliance
  • Technical Report Writing, Plan Writing
  • Site Assessments
  • Attend Community Functions and Events for Public Awareness