If you believe that your home or a commercial property you own may have been used as a drug lab, you need to have testing done to determine if the environment is safe. For fentanyl or other illicit drug lab testing, you can turn to the experts at Rapid Response Industrial Group.

We have helped the RCMP & AHS with many hazardous situations and cleanup services, including fentanyl and meth lab testing and cleanup, fentanyl and carfentanil lab pack out (pill presses, cement mixers and other various drug manufacturing equipment). When you call our team to come out and conduct testing, you can expect:

  • We work with ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES to help the entire process seamless for you.
  • Our highly trained technicians to arrive in a timely manner to your home or business, with an unmarked vehicle and uniform so as to not draw unwanted attention from the community
  • Our technicians to conduct incredibly thorough composite testing in every room of the property, as well as in any exterior sheds or garages in order to identify all areas of contamination, which allows us to create a thorough plan to decontaminate the property
  • Results of our testing to be available “ON SITE” or delivered to you within 24 hours so that you can come up with a plan of action quickly should anything test positive for the presence of fentanyl or any other drugs

Because we believe fentanyl and drug lab testing is so important, we have developed a Drug Detection Kit for $249.00 that allows home and business owners to test up to four areas for drug residue themselves. We deliver those results within 3 days after the kit is returned to our office for our lab testing to be completed.

If you are interested in having fentanyl and other lab testing conducted on your property, contact the Rapid Response team at 1-844-774-4911 today. We will provide you with more information about our testing services and our do-it-yourself test kits.