Haz-Matters Emergency Management Inc.

HAZ-MATTERS Emergency Management Inc. Announcement
Rapid Response Industrial Group Ltd.
August 26th, 2017
Calgary, Alberta

HAZ-MATTERS Emergency Management Inc. is very excited and proud to announce our newly established Strategic Alliance with Rapid Response Industrial Group Ltd (RRIGLTD) for the ongoing provision of specialty hazardous materials training.

Rapid Response has offices strategically located throughout Canada and is backed with over 50 years of experience in Emergency Services and Industrial Cleaning. The team of highly trained Hazmat Emergency Response and Industrial Cleaning Specialists operate with today’s top specialty equipment to meet the need of the customers Emergency and Industrial Cleaning situations. RRIGLTD provides services across Canada, with a commitment to meet the highest standard in protecting and sustaining our communities and the environment.

For more information on Rapid Response please contact:
Reg Foster, Director

At HAZ-MATTERS, we value the universal information that we provide for Emergency Response/Emergency Management personnel and Hazardous Materials Specialists and workers across all borders. Languages and cultures. HAZ-MATTERS was founded in 2005 by Bart Taylor while he was actively working as a HazMat Specialist to serve as a training venue to help other hazardous materials technicians and industry employees understand all aspects of the work.

Over the years Bart focussed on providing highly specialized services and educational seminars to an extremely diverse international group of people to assist them in gaining a higher understanding in the field of hazardous materials handling while creating dependable work procedures for the departments. Bart’s background as both a chemist and HazMat Specialist has allowed him to specialize in both response and operational techniques to safely and securely approach and handle all levels of hazardous situations.

Our mission is to deliver unique skills and knowledge that significantly increase each participants site safety and productivity, even if those employees have no prior hazardous materials of industry experience. We believe that every employee has the right to reach their full potential in a safe, secure, and successful manner, and we do this by empowering them with technical knowledge and techniques in a way that makes sense to them.

For more information on HAZ-MATTERS please contact:
Barton E. Taylor, President